Crisis Marketing Support Webinars

Operate your company remotely from an agency who’s been doing it for years.



We will do everything we can to provide marketing support to every business and marketing manager in Australia during this crisis.   

  • How the smart money is investing their marketing dollars right now.
  • Operate your company remotely from an agency who’s been doing it for years.
  • How to turn this into an opportunity and come out on top, literally. 
  • Which marketing strategies to stop right now and where to focus it. 
  • How to present a marketing plan everyone can get excited about right now. 
  • Which industries are feeling the pinch the most and what they can do.
  • How to cut back marketing budgets and still maximise profits.
  • What government support is available and how to prove you qualify. 
  • How to qualify for a Kick Media Digital Marketing grant valued at $5000.

We know this is a tough time for all businesses, and people are feeling a lot of stress and uncertainty in their business and job roles right now, especially those in Sales and Marketing. 

We are doing everything we can to help our clients and the Marketing Managers we work directly with and we want to extend this invitation to all Business Owners and Marketing Managers across all of Australia.

I have been working with Marketing Managers and Directors for over 15 years and I understand first hand the responsibility and pressure there is to maintain profitability and show a positive direction for the brands you manage.  And if you are the Marketing Manager for your own business I know you are experiencing this on many levels from cash flow to staffing and personal financial responsibilities.

Winter is coming…and those who can look for the opportunity and pivot will come out on top in their industry.

It is tough times for all businesses right now including ours but we want to look forward to the future and see how this can be turned into an opportunity for everyone.  I think we all know there are those who look at this crisis as an investment opportunity while others are just focused on how to survive.  Well it can be both and if you can tap into the resources to invest in your business we can show you how to plan for the Crisis Exit that can lift your business even bigger than it is 6 months from now. 

Register now for our weekly Crisis Marketing Support and Coaching Webinar and apply for our $5000 digital grant.  

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Brendon Comerford

Brendon has owned and managed companies for the last 20 years in stock market brokerage, funds management, business consulting, coaching and digital marketing.

For the last 15 years he has been a hands-on Digital Marketer & Business Consultant in Brisbane working with some of Australia's largest and smallest brands.

He has innovated digital strategies with record performance for brands like Australia Zoo, Fisher n Paykel, Suzuki, Griffith Uni, Shine Lawyers and managed large marketing agencies who look after brands like Flight Centre, 99 Bikes, Super Amart and Culture Kings.

Most importantly he has helped hundreds of small local businesses achieve real business growth using innovative, well tested methods that work.

His passion is sharing knowledge to help businesses by removing all the clutter with specific methods to get massive and immediate growth.